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Porch Enclosures, Porch Windows & Porch Conversions. What’s the difference?

An enclosed porch or patio is an affordable way to add extra living and leisure space to your home. It’ll also increase your property value and add style to your home’s exterior.

So, what is a porch enclosure? Enclosures come in several forms. A free-standing enclosure is typically built into an aluminum frame and filled in with porch windows and doors. These types of shade products can be attached to the home or stand separate from it, making them a great option for boathouses, Bunkie’s, and home offices!

A porch conversion, porch fill-in, or under existing installation refers to adding porch windows and doors to your existing porch. Filling in an existing porch with high quality, durable, and inexpensive porch windows and doors is a quick and easy way to add instant curb appeal and extra space to your home, office, or commercial workplace. They can even be installed under an existing porch roof.

What exactly are porch windows & doors? Flexible, customizable, and Canadian made for durability, WeatherMaster offers a fully warrantied 4 track window system for porch enclosures. The 4 track windows, available in vertical or horizontal configurations, allow for as much or as little ventilation as you want at any given moment. Set the Windows all open and to the top, bottom, middle, or a combination of all 3 to control the breeze in your space with ease. You can select from a variety of tint colours and even mix and match – that one wall the sun always beams through during the day? Darken it up to maintain a pleasant level of sunlight in the room. Want uninterrupted views without pesky bugs? An extensive selection of screen styles, including Clear View nearly invisible screens, come standard with WeatherMaster Porch Window Systems.

Sunrooms and Awnings is an exclusive Dealer for WeatherMaster Porch Window & Door Systems in Red Deer County, Alberta.

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