Patio Covers

Patio Covers are our one of our many specialities. Choose from Acrylic or Full Coverage Roofing Systems by Sunspace Sunrooms. With Sunspace Roof Systems, you decide what type of coverage you need. Either a full aluminum roofing system to weather the elements or allow you and your family to enjoy the sun’s natural light while blocking out harmful UV rays with the Acrylic Roof System. Both are a great solution if a roof over an existing deck or porch or perhaps a carport are required.

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Choose from a Acrylic roof or a Thermal roof or switch it up with a Hybrid roof system for your outdoor living space. If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to add extra use and enjoyment out of your deck or patio, Sunrooms & Awnings Ltd can help! Patio Covers are a great option to add a Shady area to your outdoor living space with ease! All Sunspace roof systems come in thicknesses of 3″ R-12, 4″ R-16 and 6″ R-24. How do you choose thickness? We look at your roof projection, snow load and R Value. All roof systems are durable with high density foam core with aluminum skins laminated on both sides or have an OSB exterior to accommodate standard shingles. Every roof system has an internal water trough system to channel away moisture and comes standard with worry free heavy duty extruded aluminum gutters and fascia. Contact Sunrooms & Awnings today for more information!

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Features & Benefits Insulated

Features & Benefits Hybrid

The Hybrid Acrylic Roof & Patio Covers offer all of the features of our Standard Acrylic Roof Systems & Patio Cover combined with Solid, Thermal Insulated Roof Panels; allowing you more control over the sunlight in your Sunspace Sunroom. Completely customizable with endless configuration options, the Hybrid Roof & Patio Cover let’s you decide how much sunlight to let in and where! Protect you family from harmful UV rays while enjoying the comfort of your indoor/outdoor living space worry free with a Roofing System from Sunspace.

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Available Acrylic Colors
Solar Cool
Heatstop Pearl