Improve your space to improve your mood

Clear that Honey-Do list this winter! Give yourself something to look forward to during the long, cold months of the year and update that space in the house that’s been nagging at you for too long. Turn your cold, dingy basement into usable space, like an in-law suite or unit to rent out for supplementary income. Create a comfortable, professional home office for work from home days, update the tired kitchen you’ve always wanted to bring up to par, or just work through that list of tasks around the house that never seems to get done.

Whatever it is, choose the thing(s) you hide when company comes over, the closet that’s never worked for you, or those icky floors you’ve never been happy with. Adding a fireplace to your backyard or new family room creates calm, warmth, and ambiance for chilly evenings all year long.

Improving the things in the places around us, where we spend most of our time, at home and at the office, set the tone for many of our days and interactions. Starting the day out selecting an outfit from your well-organized closet, custom-built to suit your wardrobe and accessories starts the day out with a smile. Digging through laundry mountain to get to your work jeans does not.

This winter take a step, big or small, to make something in your surroundings bring you joy and fit your day to day life. Improve your family’s enjoyment of their home, open your doors to family and friends, and bask in the glory of your beautiful, well-organized life.
Sunrooms and Awnings can help! We offer Home Renovation services for residential and commercial spaces in the offseason. We offer great rates, a considerate and professional team, and endless sources of inspiration to help you get started on

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