How to create more space in your home or cottage: Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures

One of the most common requests for home improvement projects is to create usable space. Often, considered a big ticket project, creating space is put on the back burner. What if we told you that you can create space, within your budget? Sunroom and Awnings can help you create space in your home or cottage that suits your needs while meeting your budget.

Screen Room

A great way to turn an existing (perhaps underused) porch into a usable space is by transforming it into a Sunspace Screen Room. Sunroom and Awnings can easily transition your porch or existing roof structure into a place for entertaining guests and relaxation. Add a Screen room with full fiberglass mesh, a stylish and contemporary design, and choose from a variety of aluminum colours to choose from. Transform a rarely used space into one of your favourite places to entertain and relax in!


To upgrade the comfort and use of your screen room, we can easily transition to a sunroom. Readily added onto existing porch enclosures and roof structures you can extend your seasons enjoyment. Upgrade your protection from the elements, insects and UV rays with a three-season sunroom. Customize your sunroom to fit your needs, roof projection, and snow loads. The heavy duty extruded aluminum gutters and fascia are worry free, giving a virtually maintenance free exterior. A sunroom addition can effortlessly be transformed into a living room, bedroom or playroom.


Sunspace WeatherMaster Window and Door system takes your sunroom from three seasons, to all seasons. Have your sunroom withstand the harshest temperatures and spread the relaxation over the whole year. Not only do WeatherMaster Window and Door Systems add style, and durability to your home, it also adds value. Combine the openness of a screen room with the comfort a patio room. Add tempered glass for added safety, and enjoy your new space all year round!

Roofing System

Sunspace Roofing systems provide a protected, private and safe space for your family to enjoy outdoors. Select from Acrylic or Full Coverage Systems. Depending on your location and needs you may choose full aluminum for extra protection from the elements. Otherwise, you may want your roofing system to provide a safe ambiance for your leisure, this is where an Acrylic Roof system comes in. Providing a sunny retreat Acrylic Roof systems invites natural light, without the harmful UV rays. Both systems can be added over an existing deck, porch or even carport.

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