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Building Your Dream Indoor / Outdoor Living Space

Here at Sunrooms and Awnings, we love what we do! Helping our customers and clients plan, design, build and install Sunrooms, Patio Covers and other home improvements is our passion. From the moment a prospective client contacts us, whether that be via email, our Sunroom and Awnings Facebook pagephone or in person we make sure we’re the right company for them to be working with for their home improvement needs. We take an enormous amount of pride in our customers’ satisfaction, and some of our clients and customers express their appreciation with testimonials and reviews of our services, which is something we love to see and hear.

Planning and Designing An Outdoor Living Space

Sunrooms and Awnings is located in Red Deer, Alberta, and as everyone who lives here knows, there are some absolutely stunning views to be had from outdoors. When we sit down with our clients to plan and design their outdoor living space, we know the outdoor view is of utmost importance. How our clients want to view their beautiful outdoors is the very foundation of our planning and design process. Keeping our clients and customers safe and comfortable in their new spacious Sunroom or Deck is what drives our designs, as you can see in our inspiration gallery. Having a customized outdoor living space, such as a Sunroom, makes absolutely no sense if our clients don’t want to spend time in it. A lot of our clients have families, and throughout our design and planning process, we make sure that we’re designing a dream living space that not only our clients, but also their families and friends, want to spend time in. For us at Sunrooms and Awnings, giving our clients a higher quality of life goes into our services and products from the very initial phases of their home improvement project.

Building and Installing An Outdoor Living Space

After we’ve collaborated with our clients to design their dream living space, we set out to build and install the perfect environment for them. Safety of our staff, installers and our clients is of crucial importance to us during this phase of their home improvement project. We’ve seen other companies that leave the build site an absolute mess, with building materials strewn all over the place while installation is happening. We take a direct opposite approach and make sure that our building materials and equipment are as neat and tidy as possible, because we know that even though our clients’ property does turn into a construction zone throughout the build and install process, that construction zone is still their home or place of business while we’re on site. We’re courteous to neighbours, pets, friends and family that may drop by while we’re on site because we value the level of trust our clients place in us. It’s extremely important to us that our clients still feel as involved as they’d like to be during the build of their outdoor living space, and we freely answer questions to explain the how, and why, of us paying attention to details and building in the extremely careful and precise way that we do.

Finishing and Following-up With An Outdoor Living Space

When the build and install of our clients’ home improvement project is done, our job at Sunrooms and Awnings isn’t quite finished yet. We make sure our clients are comfortable in their new outdoor living space, and we include all of our clients in our Follow-up Checklist process to ensure they’re 100% satisfied with the work and service we’ve provided them. At Sunrooms and Awnings, we have great listening skills, so during this process, we encourage feedback from our clients and customers that we take very seriously. Some companies don’t go for the “wow factor”; we do. Some of the things we talk with our clients about at the end of a home improvement project are:

  • Did we clean the living space properly so it’s fit for use once we leave?
  • Did we check all screens to ensure that they are trimmed properly and precisely?
  • Did we clean up the job site so that our clients’ properties look better than they did when we arrived?
  • Did we demonstrate to, and educate our clients on how to get the most out of their new outdoor living space, including a demonstration of any new windows?
  • Did we provide additional cleaning supplies to our clients for proper care and maintenance of their outdoor living space?
  • Did we take pictures of the finished outdoor living space so that our clients can showcase their dream spaces and outdoor views to others?

Each and every one of our clients go through the above questions with us at the end of their home improvement project and are happy to sign off on all of the above and more before we’re comfortable with the level of service that we’ve provided them. Some people would say this is going an extra mile, but this extra mile that we go isn’t an extra to us at all; it’s an imperative and necessary part of any home improvement project that we’re involved with.

If you’re considering improving your home, cottage or place of business with a Sunroom, Awning, Patio Cover, Deck, Railing or any other home improvement projects, we’d love the opportunity to collaborate and work with you. Feel free to take a look at our inspiration gallery of past projects and contact us today for more ideas, planning and pricing information.

Have you recently completed your own home improvement project with us? We’d love to hear from you, and we welcome pictures of yourselves, friends and family who are enjoying your living spaces with you. For your convenience, feel free to leave us a testimonial below!

Sunroom and Awnings, Bob & Liz Bloos, Red Deer, Alberta